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December 8, 2012
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*Your P.O.V*

I watched as the enemy gang members left he campus of the school. "(y/n)!" Shit... I nearly fell as Maria hugged me. "(y/n) why didn't you tell me you were the leader of a gang!?" she exclaimed. Before I could respond she slapped me. "I never want to see you again (y/n)!" She ran off crying. I didn't have to look behind me to see the looks of fear and hatred. "I told you gits that he was the Panda Hero!" I heard Arthur yell.

*America's P.O.V*

I listened as Arthur continued his rant. I was surprised by the angry looks Ivan, Natalia, Francis, Prussia, Antonio, Leon, Allistor, and Sadiq were giving him. "I vould appreciate if you stopped talking bad about mein leader," Gilbert hissed. The rest of us looked at him in surprise. "Hey guys we're going home!" (y/n) yelled. We watched as the people that we're giving Arthur dirty looks followed (y/n) off campus. Without a second thought I ran after them.

*Romania's P.O.V*

I watched as the gang walked into the house while Tim sat across from me, smoking a cigarette. "Welcome back guys," I said. "Vlad prepare to play a baseball game tomorrow," was all (y/n) said before going into the kitchen. I smiled. "Defending a piece of our territory I assume?" I asked. Berwald nodded. I looked up when I heard a knock on the door. "Coming," I said.

*Ameria's P.O.V*

I watched as a really weird looking man opened the door. "How may I help you?" he asked. "I'm looking for (y/n)," I answered. He blinked before yelling something in what I'm guessing is Romanian. The man was replaced by (y/n). He closed the door behind him as he stepped out of the house. "What do you need Alfred?"

*Your P.O.V*

I listened as he told me that he wanted to watch the baseball game. "I see no problem with it," I said. "Yay! Thanks (y/n)!" he exclaimed before hugging me. Before I could stop myself, I lifted his head and kissed him. To my surprise he kissed back after a couple of seconds.
Here's chapter 9. Only reason it's here is because my friend was yelling at me to do it -_-'

Hetalia belongs to that one guy.
The song belongs to that one person.
The concept is from The-German-States.
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I Kissed him
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Me: ....
Iz (male me) : ....
Me: well at least your a seme this time :D
Iz: I-I guess....
Me: um w-well.... Do you just want to go read some Doctor Who/Hetalia fanfics until the next chapter is out...?
Iz: y-yeah t-that's fine *stares off into space thinking about what just happened*
Me: um well I guess.....*stares off into space thinking of random stuff*
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